frequently asked questions about building a custom home :

Question:  Is there a special type of mortgage that I will need when building a custom home?
Answer:  Great question.  Prior to starting down the path with any builder you really need to get with your lender to get pre qualified.  Ask them how you qualify for a one time close.  We can talk about other options as well such as fixed rate and cost plus.

Question:  I've never built a custom home before.  I'm concerned that I won't know what my final number will be.

Answer:  Our ultimate goal in being a part of one of the largest investments you make is truly sitting down and listening to what you envision for this home.  We have to have candid conversations on what your end price needs to be so that we can work together to get you in your dream home UNDER that number.  

Question:  What if I own my own lot but I don't know where to start and I don't have my own plans yet?

Answer:    No problem.  We will first sit with you to go over what you would like to have in your next home.  We can join you and walk some model homes to get an idea of your sense of style, room sizes even colors and details then we will set up some appointments to have your desires drawn into some preliminary plans prior to going to a blueprint.  

Question:  Can I buy a lot an hold on to it for a couple of years until I'm ready to build?

Answer:  Unfortunately not in a master planned community.  The goal for Fulshear Run & Weston Lakes is to build a community and that's really hard to do when you have vacant lots next door to yours for years.  We can discuss some terms in which we can extended the build time but not for an extended period of time.

Question:  What's the build time for a custom home?

Answer:  The process can take up to one year.  Allot of the time frame depends on our client and if they are able to finalize their desires to get them to blueprint.  The process normally takes from 9-12 months.

Question:  What can we expect with regards to your team?

Answer:  Before anything HONESTY.  We want this process to be as smooth and transparent as possible.    You will have many one on ones with the owner Mike Pelletier throughout the building process.  He is a hands on owner and has hired one of the best construction managers Robert Cox that understands the ins and outs of construction as well as the emotional state of mind of his client along on the way.  Our team lead in sales is Sally Olivas.  She has been in the new home sales industry for 11 years having worked for David Powers in Woodcreek Reserve, Grand Lakes, Seven Meadows, Lakes of Bella Terra, Bridgelands & Toll Brothers in Riverstone and Sienna Plantation she understands that a higher end buyer has higher expectations. She is a licensed realtor with a flair for staging, a heart for her buyers & sellers and can assist you in the listing of your current home as well.  Her team is available to you at every stage of construction. 

​Question:  What is the hardest part of building a custom home?

Answer:  Setting the right expectations are key when building a home.  If we all agree to be transparent in our desires and keep everything in writing that we agreed to and really just honor the decisions you make.  Whether you've built 3 custom homes or this will be your first time, it's different with every builder so we sit down and talk about the process right from the very beginning to be sure your on board with this amazing journey we will be taking together.